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Psquare: Peter Okoye slams twin brother Paul: "Enough of the shades, i have moved on"

The Okoye brothers, Peter and Paul are not taking it easy with their social media war of words ever since the news of their split broke the internet

The fight between the Psquare twin brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye is getting messier by the day since the video of their scuffle in their lawyers office surfaced online

The social media back-and-forth between as the duo of the famous P-square music continue to drag on.

 Peter Okoye took to his Instagram page to call out his brother Paul for a Tweet which said “Pls guys stop tagging me in any beer parlor or restaurants appearance in America…. am in Nigeria.” The tweet was in reference to a performance Peter has scheduled for the weekend in America.

In response, Peter posted on Instagram that Paul should let him have his peace because he has moved on from their rift.

He said:

Pls enough of the shades my brother i have moved on. I have even called my self an up coming artiste. You are the song write and the voice of Psquare, the every every! No wahala pls allow me to have my peace showcase my self to the world and Enjoy with my family. And I am expecting you to do the same. It is not a competition and it is not healthy. My brother I have moved on. I am very sure we will definitely do songs again in future and I wish you all the best bro. Nothing but love God bless Psquare and the great Fans, God bless Mr P and God bless Rudeboy. #Peace

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