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P-Square: Poll reveals their wives and elder brother, Jude as the cause of split

Nigerians blame the wives of P-Square and their elder brother, Jude for their split and fight judging from the result of an online poll

A poll conducted on Twitter reveals Opinion of Nigerian on those that ignited the turbulence ripping the Okoye family apart at the moment.

Many believe the wives of the Okoye family are to blame for the current crisis rocking the family.

According to the poll, 46% of Nigerians believe that their wives are responsible for the conflict, while another 42% believe that their elder brother is to blame for the conflict.

A video surfaced showing Paul okoye, Pete okoye and their elder brother Jude Okoye verbally assaulting each other and almost engaging in physical combat in their lawyer’s office, and its gone viral already.

The Family Lawyer, Festus Keyamo however has said the video was an old one.

He further explained that the wives are not responsible for the crisis between the brothers.

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