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Mr Eazi under fire after he said Nigerian artists are copying him

Nigerians are taking on Mr Eazi after he said in a viral interview that Nigerian artists are copying his style

In January 2017, Mr Eazi made the news when he tweeted that Nigerian music drew a lot of inspiration from that of Ghana's.

Many Nigerians reacted negatively to his tweets while others labelled him a sell out because he appeared to be insinuating that Ghanaian music was better than Nigeria’s.

Well, it appears the popular musician is about to be in the eye of the storm again. Speaking in a recent interview, Eazi said that it took his contemporaries in the industry like five or six months to catch up to his style of mixing Ghanaian and Nigerian styles of doing music.

He also said many musicians in the Nigerian industry ‘suddenly’ realized that they had to follow his formula if they want to make hit records. Watch him below:

Twitter users are not letting it go and are dragging him left, right and center. See some of the popular tweets below: