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"Beatings Make Relationship Grow Stronger" - Woman Makes Shocking Revelation

A woman has shocked many on social media after she confidently revealed that beatings makes relationship grow stronger despite the campaign about domestic violence all over the world.

The lady who was identified as, Lopex Morrissa Escandell, who described herself as an Humanitarian and works at Land and Property Management Authority, took to her Facebook account on Sunday, March 19, to reveal how she loves her boyfriend beating her everyday.

Escandell said: “I love beating, infact beating is my medicine. If bae doesn’t beat me a day, I will be so nervous that day. Beating s day makes relationship grow stronger. We call it love beating. Before you come here talking trash…..is it your beating?”

The woman’s revelation makes some people wonder if the lady actually meant the ‘kinky’ kind of beating or the angry soldier kind of beating. We do hope she gets what she is looking for…LOL.

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