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Miss Anambra: DSS receives full length s*x video involving Chidinma Okeke

The s*x video scandal involving Chidinma Okeke, Miss Anambra 2015 has taken another twist, as the State Security Service ( DSS) has swung into action to unravel the mysteries behind it.

Another s*x video involving the beauty queen was reportedly sent to the DSS by unknown persons. The new video which is said to be lengthy also shows the beauty queen in the act of lesbianism but unlike the first two videos, poses her as someone who is well tutored in lesbianism.

The latest video is the third, and presumable not the last of the videos featuring the ex-beauty queen in the act of lesbianism.

042express.com gathered that DSS has swung into action to unravel the masked figures behind the making and leaking of the video and also to ascertain if the former beauty queen was coerced into making the video or was willfully indulging in what she enjoyed doing with her partner.

DSS is also said to be interested in the motive behind the actors and the producers of the videos as well as their level of involvement.
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A source revealed to the media on condition of anonymity yesterday that an unknown person sent in the video when it became obvious that some politicians who are bent on making political gains out of the whole saga were bent on skewing the story against some people who knew nothing about the queen’s act, just to get at Anambra State government and perhaps ruin the chances of a second term bid for the incumbent governor, Willie Obiano.

He added that the new video showed that the lady handling the recording of the video later joined in the act while the second lady took over with the filming.

He said: “It is in the new video that you will see what the girl is capable of doing. The new video even showed the girl behind the scene, where she gave the camera to the other girl and joined the act, while a male partner later came into the room and had sex with the queen.

“After the whole act, the parties involved were also seen in the new video dancing naked. The DSS has all those now, and I believe investigations have started.”

The source said the news of the threat to Chidinma’s life when she decided to hold a press conference to tell her side of the story may not be true as the queen knows very well what she has done, and how she can also speak to the world from the very confines of her room if she wished to do so, even without calling a press conference.

“If the security people refuse to give her security, or she is afraid of coming out to say who and who her blackmailers are, then she can just type her story and post it to her social media handles and the world would read it from there; that is if she is ready to tell the true story,” the source quipped.

The source further noted that the unknown person who sent in the video, which is now in the hands of the DSS denied posting the two videos already trending now to the internet, but said that because the full video of the girls’ act are in their possession, it would be wise to send it in to prove the innocence of some people who are about to be used as scapegoats, even though they know nothing of the girl’s act.

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