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Harrysong dumps Five Star Music, unveils own label - Alter Plate

Singer, Harrysong has parted ways with Five Star Music Label owned by E-Money and floated his own recorded label "Alter Plate"

Harrison Tare Okiri "Mr Song"  revealed that his contract with Five Star Music already expired but he is no longer interested in renewing it stating that his effort wasn't appreciated.

The announcement of his exit from Five Star Music was seen in an Interview with PlanetTV and on his Instagram page where he posted a logo and captioned it “Alterplate”.

“We are unveiling a new platform; it’s a music platform not a label, it’s a music company owned by Harrysong. It’s not supposed to be surprising, my contract expired longtime ago, no no no no I’m not renewing”, he said.

In the interview, Harrysong sounded upset and unappreciated for efforts he had put into the success of his former label.

He revealed that he was signed to Fivestar Music as an artiste and he was also in charge of song writing, vocal coaching and music directing.

“What bothers me is not the work, what bothers me is the appreciation. You are helping someone that knows nothing and the person is feeling like he is helping you, he is not even feeling, he is telling you that he is helping you”.

You write a song for someone and the person is telling you if I don’t sing your song you don’t blow, it’s childishness, it’s……I don’t know”
he added.

It's not yet clear who he was referring to as Five Star Music owned by E-Money has other artistes like Kcee, Skibi etc. 

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