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Nollywood actor, Tunde Alabi’s leg amputated in Lagos hospital (Photos)

Popular Nollywood actor, Tunde Alabi, who has been battling an ailment at the Lagos General Hospital, has finally got his leg amputated in the Lagos hospital, despite his plea to well-meaning Nigerians to come to his rescue.

It was reported that the ‘Village Headmaster’ actor, had been battling diabetes for years with no treatment because of lack of money and had been lying critically ill with one of his legs set for amputation in order to save his life.

The veteran actor had called on Nigerians to support him, saying he did not want to die. After several months at the hospital, doctors finally advised that the leg be cut off so it won’t affect other parts of his body.

A social media user, Paul Julius who posted the photos from the actor's hospital bed, wroted on Facebook;

'So sad! Our Veteran Actor's foot finally AMPUTATED.....I've laboured through thick and thin to save the life of Uncle Tunde....assisted vigorously by the indefatigable Chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter, Mr. DON PEDRO AGANBI and through the contributions of a few spirited colleagues and fans, we were only able to manage to keep him alive but not with his full body as our once vibrant UNCLE TUNDE ALABI loses his right foot today at General Hospital, Lagos to Diabetes Mellitus.

"Now he's faced with another battle for survival.....Expensive drugs required to heal the amputated home to return, no money to afford one as his ailment has suck up his entire finances. We have done our best... ...What would you rather do to assist him....just put something in his account no matter how small and the Lord will reward you abundantly. Thank you.

Account number: 0005647181

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