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Beware: 6 Things You Do to Piss-off a Nigerian Police Officer

The Nigerian Police are also men and women like you and they can easily get annoyed if you try any of these tricks. According to this article by Information Nigeria, six of the following things could get a Nigerian police man or woman really pissed off.

1. Calling a superior officer:
The policeman hates it when they stop you during stop and search, and there is obviously something wrong with your vehicle – like your papers have expired, and instead of cooperating with them, you pick up your phone and start calling their ‘oga’. To make matters worse is when the phone has to be passed to them.

2. Driving an officer’s car:
Some Nigerians do this a lot. They put a military official’s stuff (like beret and horse whip) in their car or they drive their car and when they stop them, they instantly let them know the car is a ‘staff’s’ or say they know a superior officer.

3. I’m a lawyer: It is known fact that most police officers do not like lawyers and the reason is simple; lawyers act like they know the law too much, making an average police officer look totally dumb and stupid. No one likes to be reduced to nothing, not even the police.

4. Speak too much English:
An average police hates it when you turn into an emergency English professor on them when they stop you or you have cause to interact with them at the station. Most of them love pidgin English too much and it’s their easiest way to communicate. Speaking ‘big big English’ sort of throw them into a state of confusion and leaves in short of words.

5. Taking a photo: They hate it when you bring out your phone camera to take a photo of them when they are doing something illegal or embarrassing. And in this era of camera phones, many police officer have lost their jobs while some others have be demoted.

6. Excuses:
An average policeman hates excuses and many Nigerians are the kings and queens of giving excuses. When caught in the act of doing something wrong, they try to wriggle their way out of police net by giving unfounded excuses. Either settle or go with them to the station, enough of your bloody excuses.

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