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Miss Universe Reacts After Miss Colombia Said They Should Have Shared The Crown

Miss Universe has apologized for the controversy over her crown but not enough to share her reign.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, of the Philippines, spoke against Miss Colombia's that they share the crown.In an interview with Good Morning America on Monday,she said

'I think it would be a little bit difficult for two girls to share a crown,'but I have high hopes that this will this give great opportunities for me and Miss Colombia.' 'She's OK, I understand how she feels...I know that she is a beautiful young lady. She's very talented and I think she'll have a lot of other opportunities,' Wurtzbach said. Wurtzbach also says she doesn't blame Harvey for what happened, and would love to see the 'breath of fresh air' back as host of the competition next year.

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'Maybe the way it was written, it was a little confusing,' she said. 'I understand. It was his first time to judge a pageant, but it's OK. He's human. People make mistakes.'
'Steve Harvey was very gracious to apologize. I accept his apology and I think it speaks a lot about his character,' she added.

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When asked how the crown feels, Wurtzbach said it's 'a little bit heavy, but I'm not complaining! It can stay there for a long time.'

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