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Lola Omotayo-okoye Recounts How She Was Molested By Priest, Beaten By Ex-lover

Lola Omotayo-Okoye, wife to one of the P-square duo, has revealed how she was molested while in high school by a priest, noting that for a really long time, she has continued to blame herself, even as she could not tell anyone, not even her family, about it.

Lola shared her story at the just concluded Kinabuti Dare2Dream project, encouraging and motivating young ladies to pursue their dreams.
According to her, “You shouldn’t let your past determine what your destiny will be, we all have our past whether good or bad or makes us unhappy, we all had a life that we lived that we are not happy about, you shouldn’t let it bother you from succeeding.

“When I was a young girl in my early teens in high school, I was molested by a catholic priest, I blamed myself, I didn’t tell anyone because I was ashamed, couldn’t tell anyone cos I felt everyone would blame me, so I carried on the guilt and bitterness with me for years. I was filled with hate and I became a angry person, I was rebellious, I didn’t want to listen to anybody and because I wanted to be expelled from school to avoid seeing this person, I would do so many terrible things, everything around me was just so negative, I felt I wasn’t good enough.”

Speaking further, Lola disclosed how she was physically abused by an ex-boyfriend in the University.

She continued: “Anyway I moved on to the university, met the love of my life and i’m like, okay this guy is cool, he loves me and then he started to abuse me. I was beaten black and blue all the time, in front of friends, in public and at a point I felt, you know what I am not worthy enough, there is nothing about me that is nice, nobody loves me but I hid this from my family.

“I felt like a loser, so it was hard for me to focus. One day I woke up and said I am going to change my story and I dumped that person, focus on my education and decided to be serious and be something. I decided to get a job and go to school full time in America.

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