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I Will Never Forgive Buhari For Killing My Elder Brother - Nkem Owoh

Gen. Buhari's administration executed Bartholomew Owoh alongside two other young for an offence which was not meant to carry a death penalty.

Bartholomew Owoh is the elder brother of popular comic Nollywood actor, Nkem
Owoh popularly known as Osuofia.

According to a reliable source close to Nkem Owoh who spoke to BREAKING TIMES on Thursday on the condition of anonymity,Nkem Owoh and the rest of his family are still angry with Gen. Buhari for unlawfully killing the three young men, especially their brother and son, Bartholomew Owoh.

The source said:

"Bernard Ogedengbe (29), Bartholomew Owoh(26) and Lawal Ojuolape (30) were publicly executed by Buhari for a crime that did not carry the death penalty at the time of the offence."

Before Buhari came into power,the three young men were arrested for drug trafficking.However they were executed when Buhari promulgated a decree stipulating death penalty for anyone caught doing drug trafficking.Owoh's family said the law was not part of the constitution when the three men committed the fence.However Gen. Buhari ordered the execution of the trio by a firing squad when he came into power.

Speaking further,the source said:

“Nkem Owoh and his family are so distraught with Buhari for killing their brother at the young
age of 26. Every time he sees Buhari on TV, he weeps bitterly over his brother. He can’t even
believe that Buhari has the nerve to seek re-election as President”

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