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Song Of The Day: Superman - Martin Pk (Download here + Lyrics)

SuperMan by Martin Pk has been a great source of inspiration for me and many others, heard this song first at Christ Embassy New Year Eve 2014... a great song of Triumph indeed, and so i decided to share it here..


I can do anything
You can call me superman
The Spirit of God lives in me
He has given me ability

Take a good look at me
I’m living in prosperity
I walk by faith not by sight
It’s not by power or by might


I am a new creation
Born of the seed of Abraham
I know who I am
I’m wonderfully, fearfully made

I have a goodly heritage
My lines have fallen unto pleasant places
I know who I am
I’m wonderfully, fearfully made

I’m flying x3
I’m soaring x3
On eagle’s wings

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